What is Digital Media Studies?

Do you wonder what Digital Media Studies is, and what students do
and learn in the program? Check out this video to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts Major in Digital Media Studies at Vancouver Island University, or check out our new FAQ, and if you have more questions email the Chair of Media Studies at alanna.williams@viu.ca.

INTR 100: Popular Culture & University Writing

 What is popular culture? If you grew up trading Pokémon cards, watching The Simpsons, reading Twilight, or skateboarding, the answer to this question might seem obvious. You could point at a skate park or a television or bring us posters peeled off your bedroom walls. How do you feel about pop culture? Is it trash or something more? How does it connect to other aspects of your life—like your relationships or your job? Does it really affect how you see the world or yourself?

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